LifeSigns & LifeSignals

LifeSigns, The Indian partner of LifeSignals Inc. USA, brings for the first time in India, a unique, patented, multi–patient, multi–parameter, wireless, remote monitoring system. At the heart of this solution is a Biosensor Chip which has got 21 Patents. The Biosensor Patch has got FDA Clearance and is also CE Certified.

A multi-parameter clinical-grade Biosensor Patch for in-hospital remote care applications. It has a cloud-based platform with centralised monitoring system, accessible anytime and anywhere for collaboration among health care professionals. The wireless and disposable design of this product makes it easy and convenient to wear, and to minimize infection risks. The LifeSigns wearable medical Biosensor Patch is a medical-grade, single-use, wireless Biosensor Patch designed to support remote patient monitoring in a hospital. The Biosensor Patch adheres to the chest and continuously captures, records, and transmits patient’s data. This includes two-channel ECG, heart rate, respiratory rate, posture, skin temperature and SpO2, and displays it on the Control Centre Dashboard. The encrypted patient data from the interoperable biosensor is HIPAA & GDPR Compliant.